Stromness Books and Prints, which measures barely 20 feet across, seems sometimes not so much a bookshop as the embodiment of a mind.. – Todd McEwen, Scottish Review of Books

Scottish Review of Books article by Todd McEwen here idiosyncratic bookshop that’s the antithesis of the slick bookselling chains on the high street – The Guardian

Guardian review of independent bookshops – here

Tourists tend to stumble across us – they’re not expecting to find a bookshop down this narrow, hilly, cobbled street. There’s no pavement – it was designed for horses and carts. Generally speaking, if the door is open, people tend to call in, and we stay open ’til late on our long summer nights. – Books Combined

Books Combined review – here

Stromness Books and Prints has a fairly eclectic selection of books. It just about accepts the need to stock some best sellers, but it is with reluctance – there is a much better selection of non-fiction and classic novels, which, to my mind, is all to the good, and, of course, a great selection of norse myths, sagas, all things on Orkney. –

Bookstore Guide -An amateur guide to bookshopping throughout Europe review here





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Location 1 GRAHAM PLACE, STROMNESS, ORKNEY, SCOTLAND Phone 01856850565 Hours Open Tuesday to Saturday 2 -6pm. If we are not open you can ask the neighbours at No.3 above the bookshop who will be happy to let you in anytime.
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